Friday, January 27, 2006


Since the beginning I've been a Bush guy. I've liked him for a long time because I liked his dad and I especially like his mom. That is a lady in the old tradition of Yesm and No-um. I guess that what I mean is that I have always liked that Reagan to the Rescue kind of JohnWayneism kind of cheerfulness. But we are looking at something of a delimma these days: What now Red Rider? When we look out over the fruited plain we can't see much to be hopeful about... there isn't much to contemplate after our president finishes his second term of office. What I mean is... what now? What?

I was listening to Newt Gingrich on some talk show on BBC yesterday and he laid out all the stuff that we have to deal with in our futures and I started thinking... what exactly are we looking at in the next couple of decades? We need to be making a list NOW... before it sneaks up and bites us in the butt. Well...

FIRST, we need to find a way to confront and conquer Islamic Terrorism. Let's face it, this is gonna be the biggest headache in history that we have ever had to take care of. If we ignore Islamic Fascism or Theocracy or whatever we want to call it then we are really gonna regret it. We cannot negotiate our way around people who want to kill us all. We are at the tail end of a war that started during the Crusades. And those characters are perfectly willing to kill not only their own children but all the children of all the people in the world who may disagree with them, all in the name of the Holy Koran. Suck it up children. It's us or them and there isn't much the whiners at the liberal left side of the New York Times building can say or do that will change that. There is no tidy solution. We have to kill them all. Bang.

SECOND, we have to bite the bullet and balance all the scales. We are going to have to change the way we finance our civilization. The economics of my grandfather will not cut it for the coming century. Come on guys, Roosevelt is dead and so is my grandfather. The demographics of the coming century changes everything that our parents understood about work and money and retirement and social stability. We can't continue to subsidise the future with last year's ideas and cheat the future with yesterday's promises when the money ain't in the kitty. General Motors can't finance my retirement with my grandson's labor. When social security was instituted the ratio was around 40 workers to each retiree. Today the ratio is 3 to 1. By the time I finally retire the ratio will be close to 2 to 1. The only way they can finance this is by just printing the money... debasing the currency so that we can continue to postpone the "great crash" that we are all holding our breath over. I don't have any easy answers, but I know that it is coming and it is coming with a vengance folks.

THIRD, we absolutely have to do something about closing the borders. Being a citizen HAS to mean something. If it doesn't then we might as well quit now and move to the interior of Brazil somewhere and stake out a place where we can seal our own borders against the world. Already the interior of most major cities is a free fire zone out of some really bad Mad Max movie. If we can't control our own borders then we can't control our own ground. The truth is, all power is based on controlling the ground. All power is vested in the infantry. Take the high ground and hold it. If you can't then you will die. The image of the hordes at the gates is as real as the Mongols surging towards Vienna. Except that now the hordes seem to all speak Spanglish.

FOURTH, we have to take back our schools. Our culture is based almost exclusively on technological superiority, but our schools do not teach math or science, but seem to spend all of their time on trying to make our kids feel good about their mediocrity. This has got to change, or we will no longer have a place at a table with the Chinese or the Japanese. We will be their servants... and I doubt if they will look on us with kind eyes.

I'm sure that there's more. That was just a smattering of what Gingrich talked about to the supercilious moron who was interviewing him for the BBC. Ah, liberalism.

Looking for another candidate to put up for the highest office in the land? Some folks say that the presidency is the election of the emperor or the west. Want to keep it that way? Well, do you honestly think that the Democrats have anyone other than Hillary to put up? Who?

Lacking anything else, I think that at this time Gingrich would be a good man to pick up the Regan manifesto from the Bush family and move forward with it. Hell, at least he seems to have a plan.