Monday, March 13, 2006


It seems as if all the other bloggers in this edge of the blogging universe have some kind of medical complaint so I figure that I should get my two cents in: every once in a while, my aging carcass seems to turn me from my usual aging hobble to a cripple. And there's not a damned thing to do about it but get out the trusty heating pad and get one of the industrial sized bottles of Tylenol.

The trouble is that my vaunted grandfather died at the golden age of 106... yeah, you heard me right. He fell off his own ladder while he was painting the roof of his own house. Third floor roof... there he was with an old fruit ladder... too cheap to hire the job of painting another coat of silver waterproofing paint on the old tin roof... then thumpthumpthump... broke his arm and him one hundren and six years old. Actually, the fall didn't kill him. When he got out of the hospital they had given him aspirin.. only it was some sort of super aspirin... and he OD'd on the stuff. Killed by a handful of aspirin.

So needless to say, I'm afraid of taking too much of the stuff. Sooooo... here I am hobbling around nursing a sciatic pinch with my heating pad. Hobbling around looking like I'm the one about to clamber up on a fruit ladder.

Heads up down there.