Monday, May 29, 2006


Well, it's graduation time again. A few days ago, the son of a friend of mine was on the front page of the local paper in his graduation outfit... man oh man but that lady was so pround of that kid that I thought that she would just bust. The boy was just standing in line, flirting with some honey who was in front of him with one of those sashes that means that she's smart... and I could just feel what was going through that guy's head. He wanted to start a chant..... toga... toga.... toga.... toga.

OH YEAH. GRADUATED! Next stop... Georgia Tech. Didn't want to go to UF. Hell, that would mean that he'd have to come home on the weekends to wash his dirty jeans. All he wants is a better allowance. The rest of the world will sort itself out.

My first year teaching I was the 12th grade sponsor at South Sumter High School in Bushnell, FL. That graduating class was full of those sort of guys. Oh, man. When I showed up the last day of school (I was a half honors English/ half advanced math... algebra 2,3, and 4 as well as one section of calculus and trig.... actually serious college bound stuff)... the last day of classes just before graduation but after finals and grades and all that scarey stuff but finally... finally.... graduation time. My prankster 12th graders had managed to take the windows out of my second floor classroom and hoisted my precious lovely Jaguar XK-E up to my classroom where it would be with me all the time rather than be down in the lonely teachers' parking lot. Then replaced the windows so that I would find the car there without knowing how it got there. Oooooh... Thanks guys.

Toga... toga.... toga.

Look at what happened down south this last weekend. Ha!