Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I've learned this much about the relationship between bandwidth and my new iPod: they are integrally tied. Want to go over your bandwidth limit? Just get yourself an iPod. Jeez... I have to admit... those Apple jerkioids have the power because you just have to have lots and lots of budget room to play with those dudes.

I mean... I have maxed out the bandwidth budget loading podcast after podcast, and I think everything... ever recorded by Mozart... and Phillip Glass... and Warren Zevon.

And that's not to mention the stuff I find in the iTune music store. I've discovered The Pink Martinis. I just love those guys. Latin Salsa mixed up with high class sort of Fosse/Fosse All that Jazz kind of sound. I love it.

But damn... you gotta get out the big checkbook to play with these bigdogs.