Tuesday, September 26, 2006


As some of you know, my long defense of the ACLU came to an end last year when I found out that they were selling me to some damned service after saying that they would never sell data to one of the whore machines. So I quit the organization and told them to take me off of their sucker list. Unfortunately, they asked for a renewal of my membership using the same data mining techniques. Assholes.

Now there are finally some like minded folks who are trying to get the ACLU biggies to get tossed out on their asses for the asshat slant that the organization has taken in the last few years.

Finally, the pendulum has begun to swing back. Does this mean that they are no longer willing to make being a liberal asshat one of the mandatory elements of being a constitutionalist? Probably not. But it's a beginning.

Here's the link.