Friday, September 15, 2006


These guys are causing me to seriously revisit my youth. I fell into Deep Tracks Channel 40. All day I've been listening to all that stuff that my parents disapproved of when I cranked up my 8 track (a cool addition to my old ragtop E Jag... definitely a girlgetter)... Let Me Tell You About Texas Radio and the BIG BEAT !!... Muswell Hillbillies... Mrs.Vanderbilt leave me alone. You Gotta Be Cruel to be Kind.

Damn. I wish I still had some tie died t shirts. I wonder if it's possible to score something other than meth or a felony rap in this lousy century. Ah, what's the use of worrying. What's the use of hurrying?

Sometimes I think that I should have died thirty years ago.

Well, there' still Neil Young to keep me breathing. And Dylan. Turn it up! Oh Lord... I used to have a Hammond organ. This makes me want to go back to Brasil and look for Ibogaine.

Help. They just spun Recurring Dream. I'm falling thru a time warp! Where's my old Crowded House tape?

Here comes Captain Beyond.