Thursday, October 19, 2006


It was once said that all politics is local, and I think that I agree with that, and I got a big dose of that truism today: I was jabbering with a friend of mine... George Stuart... about his brother (Charlie Stuart (D)) running for House of Reps. District 8 against incumbent Rick Keller (R). I went to school with George. Trusty ole Edgewater High School in Orlando,FL (class of 64). Stuart's dad owned the local office supply store and he was always very political.... class president, blablabla.

Anyhow, his kid brother (Charlie) was five years behind us in school, and was the guy in the family who stayed behind and ran the family business for his folks, and did all the right things at the right times, and is still the banner carrier for the family myth of being politically active and doing the whole "right thing"... got it? And has earned his spurs as a community leader. The real deal, and worthy of carrying the banner for Central Florida. A good guy.

Well, I said that Keller had done a fairly good job for a first time intruder in the yellow dog politics of deep south Democrat politics and George said those clincher words: "but Bob, he ain't family." and that did it.

Just because Keller has the magic R after his name doesn't mean that he has paid his dues in the extended family of local politics. That doesn't mean that Stuart is better than Keller but he's just.... not family. That's all. The simple fact is that Charlie Stuart is embedded in the community deeper than the other guy: hell, the guy is on the board of the YMCA that I belong to, and he's on the board of the Heart of Florida, runs the United Way charities, and he runs the office supply place where I buy reams of paper and junk like that.

I'm still a Republican and will probably vote that ticket. But I'll be casting at least one ballot for the Class of '64.

God, I hope those lizards at DNC Move don't start sending me requests for donations for the Sorg Defense Fund. org after this. I still want that creep strung up along with Barbara Streisand.