Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The redhead is a big Who fan so we went over to the Tampa Fairgrounds to see The Who last night. Nice ride but the concert was a nogo. We went to have a good Cuban meal and made a night of it when the concert was cancelled. Daltry got sick. They came out Daltry couldn't make any noise. A few moments later Townshend came out and explained what was going on. I guess they figured that if Daltry came out and tried he would hurt himself so he just rescheduled. I'd rather they come back (25th back at the Fairgrounds). Cynical Bob thought that maybe he just didn't like the crowd. I remember the last time we saw them they sold out the bowl in Miami a few years ago. But this... the Fairgrounds is a big house and they had about 9,000 dieheard fans like my redhead (she says Daltry is one of her dream babies). Nine tho seats... there were echoes. Orchestra seats were $370... ask me if I love the woman. I was pleased when it was rescheduled. I'da felt cheated if they blew us off with a noshow. As it was I got a good dinner at the Colombia and the prospect of another on the 25th. Interesting... restaurant was empty too. I guess it was just that kind of night.