Saturday, March 27, 2004

Well... it's been a week full of weirdness. It started out with my computer crashing (again). Now there are conflicting IRQ issues that may or may not be associated with my previous bouts of viral infection. Maddening.

Then I was sleeping the other night... middle of the night... sound asleep... and a bug got into my ear. Yup... a bug crawled into my ear. Naturally, I rose up about 3 feet into the air. Ever had a bug scratching in your ear? Oooooh, baby! Well, fortunately I had a designated driver under the covers who could get me to the emergency room. I'm not sure that I could have driven the 5 miles or so that I would have had to go to get to the emergency room.

Anyhow, the doctor sprayed something in there that killed the critter and then took a pair of forceps and pulled out a beatle big enough to scare me all over again. "O, yeah. Happens all the time. To kids mostly," the doc said. Well, there I was sitting in the ER full of car crash victims dying and people running around like an episode of ER... and I've got a damned bug in my ear. But... for a few moments there the critter had my full attention. You betcha.

So... what else is new? Having a good time? All I could think of was that episode of Star Trek where that centipede crawled into that guy's ear so that it could eat the guy's brain. Uuuuugh!