Thursday, February 26, 2004

In keeping with my current optimism in the face of a troubled present... my friend Elaine has returned to her old post as Queen Babe behind the bar at Otter's. The Redhead is back! The evil cretin was sent packing and the girl is back behind the bar with her wicked smile, and her irrepressible laugh, and her unquenchable cheerfulness. I should say that I, as well as all the rest of the river rats on the St. Johns, love her and welcome her back (quick... point out that she's extremely married and likely to stay that way). Damn, I'm glad to see her.

In the meanwhile, things are going the way of all human folly: Smokin Jim is looking, Dana is looking, the Blogfaddah himself seems to be back to his usual form (at least he's off the serious pharmaceuticals), I called Tommy's new office today and was told by his secretary that he was out playing golf with other big wigs... so things must be going well in the world of work.

What the hell... I suspect the sun may even come out tomorrow.