Sunday, December 19, 2004


Well, here's the beginning. Check it out ---

Tom and I went over yesterday and closed the deal. The previous owner is a nice guy named Ray. A local contractor there in Melbourne who is moving on up the pecking order of boating... bigger and better. The boat is in pretty good shape, considering the beating that everyone over there took in this year's storms. The mast and rigging are in good shape too. Apparently, the compression post that transmits the weight down from the mast to the keel, was not really properly supported... even from the manufacturer (!) and when it finally got some lateral force against it sufficient to break the rigging chain plates the mast just came down. No damage, just no mast. This is the kind of fun stuff you learn about in the torrid Florida latitudes. I'm just very glad I wasn't aboard out in the Gulf Stream when the thing gave way. It does say a lot about the little boat though. Hell, the thing is actually one of those "good old boats", and it has done a lot of sailing without a proper connection to the keel. Spookey. Ray said that when he went looking under the compression post the glass step that the post is supposed to sit on was about 6 inches forward from where it was supposed to be. Even at this late date I should go over to Clearwater and find the guy that was paid to put the step there and beat him to death. Sigh.

Anyhow, it's Christmas at Bob's place. Beer for everybody. Let's go sailing.