Friday, January 28, 2005


We went around yesterday and got the mast sorted out. The guys at the marina want the thing out of their way so we moved it closer to the boat. The current logic is to just set the thing on the deck and then put it up when we can. I have to replace one of the chain plates before that momentous event can occur and I need to get the motor properly tuned before then so that we can move around in the berth. Busy busy busy.

Anyhow, I went and found Buddy at the Anchorage Marina there in Melbourne. His folks owned Nelson's Marina in Titusville where I kept my old boat for years and years and I got all hooked up with him to move over to his marina the first of next month. Once there I'll be among friends and things will be a lot better. Not that there's anything wrong with these folks, it's just that the place that I'm at is right out there in the open roadstead and I'm parked right in the surf. Not a happy place for someone who is a middle aged fat guy. It is tough to go aboard behind some guy who is in his 20s and stretches waaaay over there to step aboard when the boat is moving in a four foot arc in the chop. No fun.

I also went by Fauver's yesterday on my way back. He's the guy who is gonna make me some new chain plates. Busy busy busy.

One of these days I'm gonna get all caught up. Hopefully in time for the funeral. In the meanwhile, I've found another Cuban (Cuban/American) singer that I really like Karina Nuvo. She does a tune called cleverly enough "Cuba" that really kicks. I don't think that her record is completely out but I heard her on WLOQ the other day and just fell in love with her voice. I got a copy of the tune off the internet. Go look.