Saturday, January 29, 2005


I just had a kid come in and plunk a handgun on my desk.

"Dr. Baird, you need to keep this thing for me. Otherwise, I'm gonna kill the bitch."

"OK. Wanta talk about it?"

"There's nothin' to say. Just take that fu**in' thing away from me."

And then he just marched out.... I know that he has been having trouble with his 'babymother' "stepping out" on him. You know... women troubles with the teen aged mother of his kid.

I know the feeling son. But I ain't gonna give the handgun back. The sheriff's gonna have that one. Nice Glock too.

How come these kids have better guns than their JPOs? I mean, that ain't no cheap Saturday night special. Actually, I never liked Glocks. I can't stand a semi stove-piping on me and my one foray into Glock ownership was with one that Bert at the gunshop in Sanford couldn't seem to get the ramps right. Plastic crap.

As Dax would say... just Damn.