Friday, March 04, 2005


As some of you might know, my daughter is extremely pregnant. I mean... I mean.... she's gonna have a kidlet next month... or maybe in the next hour. My friend Amanda doesn't think that Katie is gonna make it all the way to April 2 (the supposed calculated date from the first sonogram). Amanda (a self proclaimed expert in childbirthery) thinks it will be this afternoon. I mean... she's really preggers.

Anyhow, I got a scare this morning when my pager went off. That in itself isn't particularly unusual. I've got a job that calls me in at all kinds of ungodly hours... but when I looked at the pager my heart skipped a beat because I was looking at Katie's number. Oh, boy I thought. Here we go.

But when I called and woke everybody up over at their house it turns out that she hadn't paged me at all. So I woke her up from a sound sleep just to have her laugh at her old man getting the pre-kidlet jitters.

Damned pager. I suppose that it had a case of the vapors. Now I'm the idiot who is worried about his kid's kid. Duh! I'm supposed to be too cool for this kind of crap. Amanda just told me the other day that I should be checking in with Katie every day so that she will know that I'm paying attention... but I really don't think that my kid buys into that kind of parental concern. She's more likely to tell me that I'm "Creeping her out".

Damned pager.

Well, the first of a long line of false alarms. Sigh.