Sunday, February 06, 2005


I find myself constantly going back to Armor Gedden to see what Avenger Red Six is up to. These guys... maybe it's Neil Prakash...he writes so clearly and with a sort of trained precision... I suppose it's the schooling. I don't know. Anyhow, they make the "professional" scribes fade into invisibility.

I mean, who needs the New York Times so long as we have a feed from the actual battlefront bringing us instantly all the power and truth of the actual fight. I mean, who cares what the MSM is up to? Who cares what they think or say? These guys are delivering the stuff that all those Dan Rather wannabees can only dream to get into print. And can't. I mean, they just can't.

Folks, what we are witness to here, aside from the fact that we have a superbly written war journal, is the passing of an old guard. A genuine sea change. You are sailing along minding your own business and then you sail out of the blue green ocean and into the warmer current of the lighter Gulf Stream and everything changes... the temperature of the water, the color of the water, the air itself smells different. A sea change. That is exactly what is happening here. We are seeing the creation of real literature right in front of us. Not washed and sanitized through a mass market full of shibboleths and failures. The voice is there. What Hemingway used to talk about when he said that when he wrote about war he strove to speak only the truth. That can only happen if you're actually there. Actually on the ground. Anything else is a lie and that is why the MSM is dead. And pointless. I mean... get out of the way!

I mean.... what cares what they have to say?

'Scuse me. I gotta get back and see what's happening to our guys on the front. Get out of the way Mr. Rather.