Saturday, April 09, 2005


Well, I'm enjoying my first complete day of freedom in five years. Tom and I went and cleaned out my office yesterday and I put in my resignation. No more struggling with a caseload of 386 miscreants... all felony offenders, SHOCAP, sex offenders, gang unit liaison, and on and on and on... and a bureaucracy that parallels the weight that bore down the Roman Empire. I told Tom that I had the exact same feeling that I had when my divorce was final. Not angry, not looking for vengance, just a welling of pleasure of knowing that I don't have to go in and care any more. Let somebody else carry the weight. I'm tired.

Of course, the good folks at HSA swooped in and asked me for a resume. I'm gonna go in Monday and give Allison a copy of the vitae and give her a job app. So I suppose that I should savor this weekend. But... if I get on with TASC then I'll have NO CASELOAD! Just look at that lovely sentence.

Now that I'm thinking about it... I think that I'll leave Phoenix on the stern of the boat. They say that changing the name of an old boat is bad luck anyhow. I noticed last week that the old name of Phoenix was faintly painted on the stern. Home port of Houston Texas. Man, that old girl probably could tell some tales. Anyhow, I'm gonna put Raindog II aside and keep relegate the past to the past. The original Raindog was the name I gave to my first boat years and years ago. With the loss of that great old boat I named her successor Raindog II. And this new boat was the succssor to that one. Ah, the joys of living in hurricane country.

But... I found the old name stenciled on the stern of the new boat at the same time that I was shedding my old persona of a JPO (it's a long story full of dirty politics and failed promises). Hopefully, I'll be able to make a lateral move over to a service provider and then move on without too much of that old fear and loathing.

Yeah... Phoenix. A legendary bird rising from the ashes of an old life. Seems appropriate considering the fact that I'm a new grandfather (hi Matt. hi Katie. hi Stan).


By the way... what the hell is wrong with the edit function here at Blogger? It just doubled the previous post without updating my proofing. Wierd. I get both parts of the thing on the public blog but it doesn't show up in the edit mode. Man, I hope they're not gonna screw up this venue. I like it the way it is. I know, I know... but I do.