Sunday, June 12, 2005


It's been an eventful weekend: I was loafing around playing with my email program (Earthlink has bought my ISP and nothing seems to work right) here at the old office on Colonial when the little Vietnamese accountant across the hallway got shot at. Yup... another Asian love affair gone bad. Anyhow, suddenly kabam... loud shotgun noises in the hallway. Well, I got out my handgun and peeked out into the hall, saw this tiny Vietnamese woman picking herself up from the floor after shooting the guy's door off its hinges. Wow! She picked up the double barrelled 12 gauge shotgun and then didn't know what to do next I guess. She didn't have but the two shells and after letting the double barrels rip she didn't have any more ammo. About then the guy from the accountant office came running out of the communal mens room... he had shit all over himself. There ensued a one sided but very loud discussion... the gal screaming at him and the guy cringing and apologizing and trying to placate her.

My buddy Sunny, who runs an "entertainment and gaming establishment" in the neighborhood was standing around after the cops came and hauled the lady off to 33rd St jail told me that the accountant dude had been coming upstairs to see the girls who work for Sunny and his wife had caught him. Guess the girl had no sense of humor.

Anyhow, I sent Steve down to bail the girl out and Sunny paid for the bond. Guess that he figures that he can get more business that way. He has a nice little business here but the woman could have blown him to kingdom come if she had a few more shells. Heh... blew the damned door clean off its hinges. What a hoot. And the guy crapped his pants when she got started on him.

What a life.