Sunday, June 26, 2005


I spent all day making a visitation back to the distant whispers of my youth. I've been reading old Tom Swift novels on my ebookman. I just love that thing. Anyhow, I got my hands on a set of discs with 15000 titles on it and there was Tom whispering to me of my misspent youth. So, I naturally fell of the edge of the earth and devoured three of them in a row. There are 26 on the discs... that's about half of the total... I wondeer where I can find the others... so I may not be back for a few days.

Man... when I was a kid I absolutely devoured those books. They're still good. I guess they did for me what todays kids have with Harry Potter. Great stuff.

Hell, I didn't have anything to do this weekend anyhow.