Friday, July 08, 2005


Well, my summer is about over. You wouldn't know it from the weather. It's been 95 degrees plus all week and the Gulf is swirling with storm clouds and my little office air conditioner has been doing yeoman's service 24/7 for the last three months. High summer. How did people survive here before the advent of AC?

Nope, the end of summer comes when ole Bob gets back into harness. I took the job down in Bartow. CPI job... that's Child Protective Investigator. Truth is I'm all atwitter. New job, new people, new town. No more DJJ with its killing workload. And management by microcephalics. Anyhow, new stuff and the usual package of benefits from the state. That is a comfort.

And... the whole deal has me thinking about my boat. I've been avoiding the old girl because I didn't want to start any new projects while at loose ends, but now I want to talk to them about the possibility of replacing the old Atomic 4 gas engine with one of those Jap diesels. Like most things in life, it's just a matter of money.

So Bob is back in the useful column. Time to get back to business. For one thing, I have gotten into the very bad habit of reading all night and ignoring the phone. Can't do that and stay connected to the shore line. Some of these girls will come around and demand explanations. Can't have that.