Monday, September 18, 2006


Well, OK... the Divine Ms. Althouse has gotten back into harness and is ready to crank out another year of nascent lawyers up there in the frozen wastes of Wisconsin at Madison, the home of Ray-o-Vac batteries, and she has said in her podcast that this may be her last edition. There have been 65 of the things... and I'll admit to dawdling with the construction of my own. But... the toads at the Wisconsin Law School have strained a new Apple out thru the academic sphincter, one of those things that has a built in camera along with all the bells and whistles, so now the lady has upgraded from a lowly podcast to one of those V cast makers... god forbid that she should be held back when there is something new and outstanding to wow the peasants. Damn the expense, feed the worms another shot of tequila and let's stagger forward to some new... OK, I'll shut up.

I intend to continue with my plans to put my own podcast up even if I come in out of date again like I always have since I once bought an original Apple I and had to get an aftermarket shifter so that it would wordprocess. I just want to find one of those nifty antique studio Sure mikes. To hell with Apple. Hillbilly rock music was the original gangster rap. Dylan told me so. I'm with Roger Entwhistle anyhow ("it's the old man who's got all the money").