Friday, September 22, 2006


That's Ulysses Handy III and his girl friend. The "get over it" guy. I checked with Tacoma inmate info and he's been checked out, hopefully for a one way trip to the needle. He and three of his buds snuffed three people before being introduced to the Man. They managed to steal a collective take of a grand. Split that up among the entire gang and you barely get cigarette money.

The guy has a web site! At least his beautiful girliefriend does. Amazing, These thugs are just so stupid it's beyond amazing, but someone in the group can write HTML. What a laugh. They've got a page on Amazing!

Can you see that ink? What cha think? Is that guy a Latin King or a MS18? Tacoma... maybe a Crip? Whatcha think?

Here's the link.