Saturday, March 17, 2007


I started thinking about a special writer tonight after a Clancy novel got put on TV... about a terrorist's deployment of a small nuclear bomb. The story resulted in a "happy" ending, but it got me thinking about a more realistic story line... and about a book that was written when my friend John McPhee wrote in the 70s about the father of micronukes Ted Taylor: "The Curve of Binding Energy" by John McPhee. This is a book that should be studied by anybody who really wants to learn about the possibility... or rather the probability of the use of small nukes in todays world.....

Like most nightmares, deployment of small bombs has a benign beginning. Taylor was the best American designer of nuclear devices... especially using nukes as a source of power for space craft.

But Taylor would writing about the misuse of the ideas. Hmmm... human sins.

Anyhow, this was a book that makes more sense today than in the 70s when McPhee wrote about the subject. Worth another read.