Thursday, May 10, 2007


I'm sittting in the Sanford library. Nice plaace to camp. They have a very accessible wifi system. At first I wanted to go to the Orlando downtown library but this is handier. Originally I went into the Gook section of Orlando so that I could get a beard trim but the guy that I usuallly go to wan't working today so I have to put it of until tomorrow. Oh, well.

I think that I'll research the tutor thing. It seems the be something to do this summer that might be fun.Craig Keogh used to do that. I wondeer who it was that he worked for? Maybe I'll give him a call tomorrow..Sounds like something usful to do

Stevie called me yesterday. She was headed for Titusville to get her mother lined up for some help in the broken bone department.Four breaks. Good grief!