Tuesday, February 01, 2005


I just love these guys over at Armor Gedden. They make an old grunt feel young again. Damn... those guys are having the time of their lives and are still aware of the fact that they are doing a damned good job. I just love 'em.

They were out blowing up IEDs and one of them had gotten out of the track to take a crap when one of the things went off and he crapped himself. Got shit all over himself and his pants and everywhere. Priceless. I remember when we once.... ah, old memories of combat silliness... rigged a bungee cord from the skids of one of our birds and took turns getting down with a .50 and getting skimmed underneath right in the top of the canopy to free hand shoot into the bushes. Ah, in those days we were unkillable.

These beautiful kids. God damn it. I'm gonna tear up. Damn. I envy them.