Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More kid pics. For some reason Blogger is repeating the photo. I'm probably doing something wrong. That's the usual thing.

Anyhow, we went down to Tom and Sandy's place in St. Cloud Sunday so that Kathryn could show off the baby to Sandy. Sandy is important to Kathryn because she is a nurse (a lactation specialist of all things) and is the 'font of all knowledge' as far as baby stuff is concerned. Katie is a smart kid and ordinarily very self confident, but she watches every word from Sandy to learn mothering. The gal is so afraid that she might make a mistake. Birddog. And Sandy gives all that reassurance that the new mother needs. It'd be funny if it wasn't so deadly serious. I dare not kid her about it.

On other fronts, the training is going well and ends this week. Then it will be sink or swim. I'm looking forward to the new challenges. And.. I'm thinking about getting an apartment down there in Bartow. The hike down to Bartow is not a terrible distance but the run back to Orlando on I-4 in the afternoon is terrible. I came back on the back road yesterday and did OK, but the interstate is the pipeline. When that thing plugs up then it turns into a very long ride home.

We'll see. This weekend I'm going over to the boat so see if it has sunk at the dock. Surely not.