Friday, February 16, 2007


For the last week or so I've been enjoying that cajun guy... his sense of humor, his pictures from work. The real deal.

I have a friend from that wetland. She's one of them good looking coonass women who made Houma the kind of place where a fella can pull up a chair in her kitchen and take his time working through a plate full of catfish pulled up on the bank behind the house. The kind of gal who has a brother who will definitely keep you polite, a mama to teach her how to cook a decent cup of coffee, and a daddy who works a full day every day and has a brother who works on a offshore oil rig as a roughneck and can barely speak English. My kinda people. I'm too old for her, but... but....

Well, she's already got her a regular fella who has a nice boat. Nice fella. Got him a regular job and a slat house full of relatives.

Life goes on. He's a lucky man.