Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Free at last! Free at last! Good Godalmighty, free at last!

Well, it's been a week of painful progress, yet progress none the less. I got my yearly evaluations back and they were nice enough to say that I'm fine. My boss thought that I needed to improve some areas but that's to be expected. I guess they'll keep me. Good thing cause I need all the extra money I can raise to pay for all the crappy computer stuff I have to deal with.

The website is back up, but I have some kind of hardware conflicts that I can't seem to figure out. The stuff I type seems to take days and days to register. That tells me that there is some kind of conflict and I haven't figured it out. Yet. The trouble with things like that is that the problem is invariably right in front of me but I can't see the forest fire because of all the damned trees in my line of sight. Well, dogged does it.

In the meanwhile, the GF is disappointed with my response times as well. I'm sorry, but when I have this kind of maddening stuff on my mind I lose all sense of emotive interaction. Heartless, emotionless roboticon... that's Devil Bob. The short description is... I'm a jerk. Sorry.

Anyhow, the damned thing is back up. Now all the guys who want to learn about the bail bond business can get into the library area and read all my soft porn stories. I've even got some new traffic in the poetry. Hmmm. Amazing. There are guys out there who want to read fixed form verse. Well, no accounting for taste.

Well, Bob. Quit whining and go back and find all the conflicts and IRQ interrupts that are slowing down the antique K-6 you laughingly call a "big box".