Friday, July 22, 2005


A guy from Tallahassee called me this afternoon asking about the ex-boss. Interesting. This gal was sufficiently scary to run me off and apparently there have been enough people complaining about her that someone from corporate has decided to investigate. What surprises me is that the toads in Tallahassee could be curious about this nightmare. Most of the interaction I've had with the sucktoad politicians in that shop leads me to believe that they couldn't care less that the nutjob ex-boss was making life a nightmare for a whole office of public servants. I figure that the fact that she was a monster is maybe one of the things that they like about her.

Well, we'll see. Of course, ole Bob has moved on. I'm not stupid enough to go back after having been shown the door, but it was kind of nice to reflect on the possibility of poking a stick in the evil monster's eye. Maybe there is a God after all.