Thursday, November 02, 2006


John Kerry continues to try to live through the Vietnam War. That's an interesting phenomenon, and guys in my demographic are very familiar with it. Go find a guy of that age (40-60) and start a conversation and soon you will find yourself arguing about that evil monster Richard Nixon and that evil monster "the military hegemony", and the evil other words, everything American is evil and bad and Jane Fonda is only good and is still a hottie (yikes! Get your glasses checked you maroon... she even makes Ted Turner gag.).

I don't know how you feel about it... but this guy is TIRED OF ALL THAT WORN OUT BULLSHIT! Come on guys, get over it.

That poor tired fucker John Kerry. I am probably the only person listening to XM radio who understand's how Kerry could have confused Pres. Bush with Pres. Nixon. The guy is so tied up with hating the VietNam War that he can't hate anything else.

News Flash you assholes! Bush can't run again! You dopes are running against a guy who doesn't have to run any more. You Democrat idiots are running against a ghost and the only thing you're accomplishing is destroying your own party.

I read a really good article in the Chicago paper the other day. Give it a read.

Here's the link.

I tell you... I for one... am so tired of hearing about VietNam, and Richard Nixon, and the evils of the wicked Military/Industrial Complex, and the crooked Republican Satans ... and all that worn out bullshit from the sixties... that I almost wish that the Greatful Dead and Neil Young and all the rest of those hippies from the sixties who are now either dead or wearing Depends... had never twisted up a fattie. For God's sake guys. Have you seen a picture of Gracie Slick lately? I'd rather fuck your mother. We've grown OLD folks. Get your ibogaine prescription renewed and try to get back to the real side of the revolution.

Get Over It! Jesus Christ! Kerry... go back to running Black Ops into the Laotian mountains. Goddamned lying motherfucker.

Grown Up!