Sunday, December 28, 2003

Another Sunday. After a productive morning of clothes washing I went and got stromboli and staged a massive Italian (pronounced eye-talian, you know) pigout at my lawyer's house. An afternoon of basic guy stuff. His girlfriend had gone off to visit her grandma down in Lakeland so we had it to ourselves.... just us and his herd of dogs. Then she called to say that someone had stolen his car. She had gone in the house down there and when she looked out, the Chevy musclecar was long gone. I'll say this for the guy... he didn't actually break out in tears, but you could see that he might get misty. Anyhow, he spent about two hours on the phone talking to cops and insurance guys. Naturally, he had just gotten the thing back from the paint shop from a spruce up. I think that was what pissed him off more than anything. Jeez. I suppose that it could have been worse. She could have been carjacked and we could be enduring one of those yellow babe alerts right now. The cops say that they'll probably find the remains in a day or so. Mike can't have a simple transportation buggy like the rest of us proles. He has to have a big block Impala... king of the bow ties... with the fancy spaceship radio and the ghetto rims that keep spinning when the car is sitting still. His girl just wanted to show off to her grannie. Sigh. Merry Christmas.

Since I was touting Tech Central's contribution to classical tautology I thought that I'd stick in a plug for AdAge. They have a collection of the absolute BEST ads. It interests me that all of them are non-American... but there you go. I've always said that we are collectively the most libertine of tight asses.


Saturday, December 20, 2003

I just read a great essay on Tech Central Station called "Tiananmen In London" by Frederick Turner, one of the brain trust of that site, about the good/right dichotomy that has made it possible for otherwise rational people to want to lionize Saddam while they demonize us evil Americans. It is amazing to see these asshats pulling down a bogus statue of George Bush in London and waxing nostalgic for the murderer of Baghdad. Duh!

Anyhow, this guy has got it drilled. This is an excellent read. Knock yourself out!


Friday, December 19, 2003

Stevie Hicks says --

Looks like some things will never change. Scary to think that this woman
wants to be a future Commander and Chief of the Armed Services.

Bagram GI: Troops Waited While Hillary Chowed Down

U.S. Sen. Hillary Clinton forced U.S. troops stationed at Bagram Air Base
in Afghanistan to wait for their Thanksgiving dinner last Thursday while
and her entourage arrived late, gave an interview to reporters and then
in line and were served first.

A Green Beret (reservist) who witnessed the scene tells NewsMax:

"Thanksgiving Dinner started at 3 p.m. that day, so the line was forming
around 2:30 p.m. She didn't show up until around 3:30 p.m.

"Once she got there," our source maintains, "Clinton decided to talk to
pose for photos for reporters who accompanied her and then she and her
entourage bumped everyone in line, forcing them to wait almost an extra

The brass at Bagram apparently had a hard time rounding up New Yorkers
wanted to have dinner with Clinton (D-NY). Only six GIs responded to an
e-mail sent out last week that stated, "Looking for military members from
New York and Rhode Island interested in meeting their

During the meal, Clinton remarked that "Many American people do not
this war, but I support the troops." One GI, a combat veteran from
Rochester, asked her why she came if that was how she felt, got up and
the table. An aide tried to bring him back but was told to "butt out" by
GI, who did not return.

People magazine and the NY Times were on hand to cover the event and
to interview the troops for reaction to Clinton's visit.

"But they were getting declined left and right," our source said.
were actually telling the reporters, 'You don't want to print what I
about her and her visit.'"

After Clinton and her entourage departed, the only topics GIs wanted to
talk about were "how great the food was and how fantastic they thought
George Bush's visit to Iraq was." The reporters didn't even bother to
their comments down and left shortly thereafter.

Source: NewsMax (an on-line military newsletter in Afghanistan, Kuwait

"We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night
visit violence on those who would harm us."
George Orwell

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Dan --

Yeah, it seemed to take that time. You now have a place to rant. I get a strange mix of people who drop in. I've given direct access to you, Tom Leete, me, Katie, and Mike SanFilippo. Know anyone else that might want to join in? I'm thinking I'd like to put together a group kind of like Volokh's, only less lawyerish. You should have fun with Leete... he's like a well educated NRA Republican, but willing to argue with reason. I was thinking of trying to get Mike Broussard to come on board. If he's over being a single guy again.

Go dig through your pile of prose. There are about 1000 hits a day on, everything from bail bondsmen to poetry writers (like I said), and the blog is growing. The nice thing about it is that I can channel the input just to the people who I value as folks capable of making real contributions without weak arguments or bad rhetoric, yet at the same time the blog gets a broad dissemination. Like I said, I get everything from gun nuts to Yankee liberals from New Hampshire. I've been on a tirade about the Patriot Acts 1 and 2 for the last month or so. Leete thinks that I'm an asshat and Kathryn says that I'm actually too conservative. Go figure.

This is fun. Welcome.


It seems that the Blog invitation finally worked. Who else is on this circuit ? Did this work ??


Monday, December 15, 2003

A cry from Dan Gilmartin:

ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!! Is Nader on the Republican
National Committee payroll ???? We WOULD NOT
HAVE HAD BUSH without NADER !!!!


Nader eyeing another White House run
From Phil Hirschkorn

PRINCETON, New Jersey (CNN) -- Consumer advocate
Ralph Nader said Thursday he is leaning toward
another independent run for the presidency and
will make his decision public in January.

"We're testing the waters," Nader said in an
interview with CNN. "It's a high probability but
that is yet to be determined."

Nader has formed an exploratory committee for a
2004 run and said he would gauge his support
through the success of fund-raising efforts and
the number of volunteers who come forward.

The consumer advocate last made a bid for the
White House in 2000 on the Green Party ticket,
when he won about 3 percent of the popular vote
nationwide and got 5 percent or more in 12

In fact, some Democrats blamed Nader, 69, for
siphoning off votes that might have gone to
Democratic candidate Al Gore, especially in the
hard-fought state of Florida, where Nader took
97,000 votes.

"Gore beat Gore," Nader says to those charges.
"He didn't get Tennessee, his home state. That
would have made him president. And he blundered
in Florida and didn't ask for a statewide

"I would say to Democratic voters the following:
If you think that a third party candidacy is
going to take away votes and cost the Democrats
the election, you've got the power entirely
within your own franchise when you go to the
voting booth and vote for the Democrats," Nader

He said if he were to run, he would focus his
efforts on the third of the electorate that's not
aligned with either party and with the 100
million adults who are non-voters.

Nader was in Princeton Thursday for a strategy
session with Green Party activists to consider
the pros and cons of another race.

He said his decision will be twofold: whether to
run for the presidency at all, and whether to run
again on the Green Party ticket.

Meanwhile, the party is divided on another Nader

Green Party member Larry Barnett, the former
mayor of Sonoma, California, and now a member of
its city council, said the party's priority
should be defeating George W. Bush.

"Any diversion from that, even rooted in
principle, interferes with that goal," he said,
explaining why he's against another Nader run.

"I would urge him to throw his weight behind
whoever the Democratic Party puts up," Barnett

In assessing the current field of presidential
hopefuls, Nader said he supports some of their
platforms, but something's missing.

"I like some of the things that the Democratic
candidates are saying, but you have to hold their
feet to the fire," he said. "Sometimes that
requires competing candidacies, greater choice
and breaking up that exclusionary presidential
debate organization."

In the 2000 campaign, both Nader and independent
candidate Pat Buchanan were excluded from the
fall presidential debates between Gore and Bush.

"I think there's a great need for a progressive
candidate for the presidency," Nader said. "The
two parties are very much dialing for the same
commercial dollars. The two parties are ignoring
issues like a living wage."

In the 2000 race, Nader raised $8 million. He
said if he mounts another campaign he hopes to
raise between $5 million and $10 million.

Another factor in his decision will be how the
two main parties respond to a 25-page agenda he
has sent to them, to determine whether they are
addressing issues he believes are important.

"One of the justifications for this campaign is
to preserve and expand the right of third parties
and independent candidates to challenge the
two-party duopoly system," Nader said. "I see it
as a civil liberties issue of free speech."

CNN's Kelly Wallace contributed to this report.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

"We're headed for a showdown between those who love liberty and those who crave certainty. The two are incompatible."

--Tom Robbins