Saturday, December 30, 2006


The head of this particular snake has been struck from his body and I for one am glad to see him go. Now I'm sure that there are plenty of people from the liberal left loser class who wanted him to be made king, but I... and I'm sure that are more than a few... am delighted to see his rotting corpse hanging from the gibbet as food for the crows. So long asshole. See you in hell.


Thursday, December 28, 2006


I fell across an ebay source of Durian candy from Indonesia. The durian is one of those fruits that you hear about and hear about, but can't get any place but the Pacific rim. It's a spiney monkey goodie that smells just awful but tastes to die for. My daughter and I turned on to it a decade ago when we took my boat to Indonesia, and put some of it in the mouth on a dare, and have been looking for it ever since. Now, I found a oriental taffy like candy that comes from Jacarta. Here's the link ---



Wednesday, December 27, 2006


1013-2006. A good man.


Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Hey.... watch your step



OK. What did you do for your Xmas day? This is the pre-jump step where you load up on O2. Saturate your bloodstream with oxygen.


The pre-jump is the weenie way of making the jump. Asures you of having enough juice in your goose to find your way down without having special equiptment, bottles and stuff like that.

Monday, December 25, 2006


I got a copy of a picture of the house on Cleveland Ave. that was used in the movie The Christmas Story that was in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Xmas Day. It's been restored and I notice that they have the infamous leg lamp in the front window.

Fixed up nice, eh?

All together now.... You'll shoot your eye out kid!



Seventy three ain't so old. Right? Right? Damned... pneumonia. Must have missed putting his cape around himself. Frankly, I can't imagine him as gone. This is gonna take some adjusting. He just wasn't all that old. Right? Right?


Saturday, December 23, 2006


ornaments on death's Christmas Tree. Actually, I think they're Black Vultures. What a day!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006


The 19th celebrates the first showing of The Clockwork Orange and I thought we should all go down to the Molokai Milkbar to celebrate the event. Ah, the good old days. So all you droogies and dovechics and malchics... say Happy Christmas and all that good stuff, put some lovely, lovely Beethoven on the box.... and try not to get rings on the table.

Confession: I once dressed up as Malcolm, complete with eyelash, and took my junkie girlfriend (she was convinced that this was the REAL England) to see Rocky Horror Picture Show in downtown Orlando. Ah, those were the good old days.

Seasons greeting my droogies.


Monday, December 18, 2006


This is the kind of barefoot Cajun girl that can get you killed by her French speaking brother within sight of the River. Look at that smile!



Maybe I'm no good at being cheerful watching other people tooting their own horns, but I've got to admit... I'm really tired of all this "World's Greatest Blogsite" contests. Did I miss something last year? Does this crap have an end?

Now Althouse is shilling herself for some kind of award for a homo website: World's Best Queer Diva with a Conservative slant. Excuse me... but ugh. What's next? World's best hum job from a middle aged diva dressed up like Divine? Oh, come on.

I know, I know. It really doesn't matter.

It's just that I'm just so damned tired of all this crap.

I saw a poster somewhere the other day of Santa, exhausted, sitting with his feet in a pan of water. Camus was right. This self-abuse needs to ends soon if we are to continue at the top of the food chain.


Sunday, December 17, 2006


I have a half baked theory about talent. I think that it can't be planned, or scheduled, or expected. If you see it coming it doesn't ever come up to the hype. It always surprises you and makes you feel pleasantly surprised and gives you a good feeling. That's the way this girl's voice feels. It seems like it sneaks up on you and suddenly makes you want to go buy everything she's put on vinyl... only there's the certain sorrow that makes you fill with grief. It's like sitting and listening to Schumann's chorales and find yourself thinking that this is why they built churches: they needed them so that someone could make this music in them.

Like I said. Half baked. It's just that it is so damned beautiful.


Saturday, December 16, 2006


Go look at this link.


Friday, December 15, 2006


I've been camping with my daughter, typing on the latest opus (I figure that I'm about 3/4 through now... still plodding along.) and being fattened up like a prize heifer by the prodigal daughter. The kid has gone on a Mexican food kick. The most recent visible sample is shown here. It looked like a bowl of breakast cereal but it was mighty tastey. I may be ready for slaughter after the X-mas feast. Oink! Anyhow, it's a lot warmer at her house than out on the boat. She and the redhead have decided that I should come ashore and devote the remainder of the time allotted to me to the task of making them both happy. Strange how they both seem to think that this peculiar hallucination is a do-able feat. Ah, the power of positive female thinking! That stuff does look like partially digested hamster ration.... but it is proof that Americans all want to secretly move to Nuevo Laredo. Hmmm..... maybe start a second career of raising floss on my own dental floss ranch. Shure.... why not?


Thursday, December 14, 2006


The satellite TV provider from Israel has dumped BBC World in favor of Al-Jazeera (sp?). The move will cost BBC about 50% of its audience. I say... good. I've figured for some time that BBC is a source of anti-Israel/anti-US propaganda. Good. I hope they choke on their own shit.

Here's the link.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006


The guy who played Raymond's TV dad, Pete Boyle, died this morning. So long Pete. Thanks for the memories.


Monday, December 11, 2006


Althouse has systematically been pushing my buttons for years. Now she has opened up a can of youknowwhat about cupcakes... sigh! I know that her intentions are good, but doesn't anyone realize how fragile my attachment to day to day life is in this cauldron of politically correctness? Please! Have pity on this divorced single parent daddy who wants to have as normal a childhood for his offspring as can be managed. Come on ladies... give me a break.


Sunday, December 10, 2006


Here you go Catfish dude . .. Florida fishing...

St.John style.



Try this one out:



Friday, December 08, 2006


I fell across some black and white photos of a San Francisco artist named Ricardo Ocreto Alvarado, a Philippino laborer who did some very good pieces of his family. When the Smithsonian was looking for some samples of Phillipino photo art this guy was all they could find. Look at those faces of his kids. Beautiful.



Here's the link. There goes the classiest of Reaganites.



Just look at those horsemen. Go gettum guys.


Friday, December 01, 2006


All I said was "Let's go fishing". Somewhere Tom said "I think we need a bigger boat!"

I always wanted to be able to say that. Just look at the size of that damned thing!