Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Tom sends this email:

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Just in case you have not seen this…

After following orders and reading this excellent article by DenBeste I sent this reply:

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Tom -

Good analysis. That's why I think that the most direct and efficient way to deal with "modern" warfare is to open up all the doors to hell and pour death down on the whole of the opponent. If there is a group like Hezbollah inbedded in Lebanon one way to settle the dispute is to kill all the people there... Lebanese, Iranian,all of them. If the Lebanese citizens permit go-rillas to co-exist with them then there really is no distinction to be made between the citizens and the hezbollers. I know that my answer is subject to criticism from the folks who think that because they've listened carefully to the pro-appeasement propaganda and think that they're smarter than dumbasses like me, that they can think their way out of a conflict if they'll just kiss some ass and pretend to care about a bunch of fucking ragheads.

The truth is that the fastest way to end an argument is to get out your handgun and kill the motherfuckers.


And Tom sent this response:

Go, Bob!

From: Bob Baird [] Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 1:57 PMTo: Tom LeeteSubject: Re: DenBeste


Maybe I'm losing my sense of humor with these damned camel jockies.



It's after 2 PM here in Sanford and it hasn't even rained yet. There are women crying out Havoc Havoc on the radio and the idiots on TV all are showing us pictures of year old storms while the sobbing losers on the tube warn us of what might have happened and all it really does is make me wonder why I'm bothering to watch the crap because they know less than nothing. Gee, it may rain. Gee. What a bunch of maroons.


Monday, August 28, 2006

~5 day forecast~

Well, it looks to me like Ernesto is gonna go right straight up our ass. Well, I guess that that is better than New Orleans bellying up to the cash-cow again. Most of us here in Florida are able to take care of this kind of thing without it turning into some embarassing fiasco of the Feds turning into some sort of monster pissing machine. Time will tell.


Sunday, August 27, 2006


For those of you who care, the guys at XM are gonna run the weekly program that Dylan does on XM radio tonight at midnight on channel 15 TheVillage. My understanding is that they're gonna do a pre-release play of the new Dylan album in the theme part of the show. Happiness is free radio!


~1-2-3 Graph for Ernesto~

I wasn't gonna do my usual morph to paranoia this season, but I can't help myself. Here's the 1-2-3 graph of risk probabilities on this first storm. You realize that the gnomes are saying that the best that New Orlean's levees can take is Cat. 3 and they are saying that this one is bound to get that far. Anyhow... go look at the 123 for this one currently. Here's the link:

.Here's the link


Sunday, August 20, 2006


A bunch of Tennessean high school kids have "gone over the line" in this school rivalry... or so the grown ups say.

How 'bout it Eric? You know anything about this?

Here's the link.


Saturday, August 19, 2006


Typical teacher's pet. Here's the link.


The crack staff.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


That's a picture of the last of the Hemingway cats. His name is Ivan and he and several of the house cats at Hemingway's house are of the six toed bloodline original to the housecats that Hemingway had... and they have been preserved by the folks who own the museum that preserves the property. But, of course, now the feds want to make sure that the housecats are not being exploited so.... they're threatening the museum people with a $200 a day fine for allowing the cat to do what male cats do when they still have their equiptment... they cat around. The rest of the house cats have made the ultimate male sacrifice but Ivan's nads were preserved so that the bloodline of Hemingway cats could be preserved in all their six toed splendor. Anyhow, now the whole mess is in federal court while all of Key West is all up in arms over the damned federal govt. messing with a good cat's balls. Good grief!

Here's the link.


Monday, August 07, 2006


One nice thing about moving back to the big city is I've got my kid, and her kid, in a real house... and that means civilization for Bob... and that means cable. I've fallen across a Discovery channel program called Dirty Jobs with Michael Rowe, who goes around working for different companies who put him to doing really nasty, smelly, hard, often dangerous... jobs that few of us would willingly do. One of the jobs that he found was for a company that cleans skulls and bones so that they can be used in displays. They cleaned, de-fleshed, bleached several road kills, one of them a huge baleen whale where the bones alone weighed several hundred pounds. Another was a cappibarra... a huge South American rodent that came complete and needed to have the flesh removed. OoohWeee! The smell. He said that even after you took your gloves off the smell lingered on your hands for several days.

Here's the link on Discovery channel.


Thursday, August 03, 2006


For those of you that aren't already weeping from boredom, I've got a story of the good old days. I've been hiding at the old Seminole Hotel in Lake Wales this summer, working on a writing project. I'm here so that I can get some work done without being surrounded by people who want me to "come lookit this here, Bob... just come here a minnit... cumere dammit." For your information, it's worked pretty good. I'm on Chapter 11 of 12. Heck... I've impressed my own self. Every day I get up at the crack of 10 and sip some self brewed 1 cup coffee (a new toy that I wish I'd found years ago... makes 1 cup), then I proof read yesterday's prose then start to flog my laptop until supper time. After a leisurely supper at Woodies BBQ (good pit smoked meat, good Brunswick Stew, excellent smoked turkey, excellent bannana pudding... what else does a man need?) ... I go back to my hideyhole and keep writing till I find myself running out of steam. Then I kill time with my blog or go walk around countrified downtown Lake Wales chatting it up with the cruising deputies and a few of the late night small businessmen. Just another white guy, but both groups have learned to ignore me. Then tomorrow... the same routine.

Now, I eat there every day so naturally I know all the waitresses as if they are my sisters. Of course, they all just love me. Any unmarried hetero with a regular income is put on the A list by all these country girls. Plus... I'm one of those guys who radiates something that says "You girls shouldn't be afraid of this guy." Anyhow, I've had a few very nice offers this summer... taken a few of them, too... but mostly I've tried to stick to my writing regimen. I'm proud of myself. I guess what I'm saying is that I have gleaned more information from listening to these waitresses chatter this summer than I normally would. For instance...

A girl asked for my advice about wet nursing. When was the last time you've had a relative stranger ask you about that? Anyhow, this customer had a baby a few days ago and it seems that she can't breast feed her new kid because she has mercury in her milk. She wanted to breast feed cause it's supposed to be better, but her milk is no good. This gal who works there at Woodies just had a baby a few weeks ago and she went to high school with the gal who is looking for a wet nurse. My only suggestion was to ask for something in writing and then to have her own milk tested. My waitress friend went and got the needy new mom and the three of us sat down and talked it over. They managed to work it all out and all it cost me was three servings of bannana pudding. What a guy.

The whole deal put me into old-guy mode big time. See... when I was born I had a wet nurse... Miz Bertha, who was my grandmother's housekeeper for about a hundred years. My mother surely didn't have mercury milk, but my masterful grandmother was convinced that she was not "robust" enough for yeoman style milking. Too ladylike, I guess. Anyhow, Mama Bertha was my wetnurse and wiped my nose and spanked my behind if she thought I needed it for my whole life. I recall my mother talking to Bertha's youngest granddaughter about the care and handling of those two frail, elderly women once when I had come home from the service. Bertha would get up early and walk to my grandmother's house. She would clean up the spotless kitchen, make two cups of tea and make some dry toast... wheat toast made from home cut bread so thin that if it would burn if you weren't real careful. Mama was afraid that it was too far for Bertha to walk and wanted to get her a car to drive, but Bertha wouldn't hear of it. She scolded my mother the same was she scolded that snot nosed little kid that she used to wetnurse. Those old women would sit in that kitchen all day talking about grandchildren and them damned Roosevelt democrats and the price of watermelons and God knows what else.

Bertha's family was real important to my grandfather. He paid all four of those kids way through college and now two of them are teachers, one of them is a doctor, and the fourth is an AME preacher running a big church down in south Florida.

When my grandmother died I found Bertha cleaning my grandmother's kitchen the day of the funeral. She had done all the usual morning chores and was sitting at the kitchen table sipping tea and nibbling a piece of wheat bread dry toast. I sat with her and we talked about the old days. She had outlived all the rest of the women in my family. She was the last.

"She never was real strong, you know."

That old lady died herself a month later.

I don't think that we have those kind of loving caregivers in our lives any more... and we're impoverished by that.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I can't help myself. These guys are good!



I don't think we give enough thought to the power of the bogus "information" industry. At least I think that we don't realize that if the main stream media does a poor job of reporting the news then the entire country is harmed because of not getting the word .

I'm sitting here ruminating about just this tonight. The last two weeks have been full of the latest trouble for Israel and Lebanon. No big deal, but the big three TV news outlets ABC, CBS, and NBC, combined with BBC and Reuters, combined with the usual MSM bumbling, has left me with the distinct feeling that the guys who actually get paid to report the news are dropping the ball ON PURPOSE. Of course, it's not news to anyone that the TV guys have been gutted by the enfo-tainment industry in the last few years and there is no news content to be had in that area any more. Edward R. Morrow's dead. Too bad. If it wasn't for Michael Yon, there wouldn't be any content anywhere, right?

But if your only source of information on the current Lebanon/Israeli war was BBC and the rest of that tribe, you would honestly believe that the Irarelis had tanked and that the rag heads had it all their way. And, that has concerned me because I really don't believe that the rag heads are the victims and that Americans and the Israelis are the evil bad guys. We all have real trouble if we seriously have the hezbollers, along with their friends at the Geraldo News Agency, as enemies. Could the Jews be losing? Scarey. Sorry... media spin and deliberate lying from talking head bull shitters from the MSM doesn't really pack much gear... does it?

BUT... here comes some professional intelligence types with this article and they seem to say what I've been secretly suspecting... that the bad guys are all talk and no real traction. The media guys must know that but they choose to not report it. Assholes. Maybe that's too simple, but I have a lot of trouble accepting the idea that a herd of goat fucking losers like that could really put a dent in Mossad. I mean... come on.

Then I started thinking... all the media mavens at BBC and The NYT have been telling us gleefully that the Israeli's are awful monsters, not like those wonderful, nice, Islamist Nazis that the American left and the English left who run the BBC seem to be holding up as such wonderful guys... troubled youth just trying to get justice... or so they say... have been spinning so hard that they have again lost touch with reality. So what else is new?

Now it's beginning to come out that the Hezbuggers, along with the Mullah Fuggers, have been just practicing a lot of media spinning and they're running out of steam. But the average guy listening to the crap coming out from the MSM has again been left behind. No accurate info, especially spun and slanted, anti-, and severely biased news IS WORSE THAN NOTHING.

I tell you, that bitch on BBC is spinning so hard to convince the world that this is all George Bush's fault it makes my skin crawl.

Read the link.


Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The man has his nose sticking out of the leg of a pair of underwear. It didn't say if they were clean or not. Who knows.



This guy is going to prison for robbing a candy store of 8 pounds of fudge. You heard right. And they got him dead to rights on videotape... with a pair of underwear on his head. Now I guess he's gonna get more fudge pounded than he every imagined.

You can't make this shit up. Here's the link.



Now here's a good idea. Tom's youngest daughter, Ashley, has a sweetie out in California that works for a company that is marketing cellular telephone towers that mimic eucalyptus trees. Look at that thing. I can't tell that it's an ugly tower... can you?



This is the labor crew from the move-in to the new Orlando house. They managed to move out of the old digs to this new place all in one day, and had it done before dark. then Stan managed to empty out the Volvo for me. Tomorrow I'll dig in and clean up my share of the mess.